Tamaulipas expects 4 million tourists during the summer season

Tamaulipas expects 4 million tourists during the summer season

TAMAULIPAS – The state of Tamaulipas expects an economic revenue of over US$189 million during the summer vacation season.

The Government of Tamaulipas informed that every year, the natural wealth of the state, as well as its diversity of spaces, the attention and warmth of its people, increase the number of local, national and foreign visitors that come to the tourist destinations.

Benjamín Hernández Rodríguez, Secretary of Tourism of Tamaulipas, said that during this holiday period, an economic revenue of more than US$189 million is expected and close to 4 million visitors, local, national and foreign, who have turned to see the state as one of their main destinations.

“This record number of visitors and economic revenue reflects our commitment to continue promoting and strengthening tourism development in the state,” said Hernandez.

The secretary recalled that after the effects of the pandemic, the tourism sector has been strengthened, since last year alone, Tamaulipas received 3 million 872 thousand 014 tourists, which represented an increase of 4.07 percent compared to 2022.

“This historic achievement reflects the continued growth and diversification of tourism in our region, with a wide range of attractions ranging from dream beaches to ecotourism, gastronomic and cultural routes, among other options more, with which Tamaulipas is consolidating as one of the preferred destinations for travelers,” added Hernandez.

He also highlighted that Miramar beach continues to strengthen its infrastructure, along with other areas such as La Pesca in Soto la Marina and the El Cielo biosphere, among other tourist sites.