Tamaulipas ranks among Mexico’s top exporters

Tamaulipas ranks among Mexico’s top exporters

TAMAULIPAS – The state of Tamaulipas registered exports for US$24 billion in the third quarter of 2023, placing it among the top five entities with the highest foreign sales.

The Ministry of Economy of Tamaulipas informed that this rebound was due to the growth in manufacturing activity in strategic sectors, such as the paper industry, printing, clothing, food, oil and gas extraction, electric-electronics and transportation equipment.

From January to September 2023, Tamaulipas’ exports totaled US$24 million , which represents 6.1% of the national total.

The State Secretary of Economy, Ninfa Cantú Deándar, highlighted that the strengthening of infrastructure for foreign trade, the greater investment of new companies and the expansion of those already established are factors that boost the state’s exports.

By the amount of exports made from January to September 2023, the following activities stand out: manufacture of transportation equipment (27.3%), manufacture of computer, communication, measurement and other electronic equipment, components and accessories (20.6%), manufacture of accessories, electrical appliances and electric power generation equipment (11.9%) and manufacture of machinery and equipment (10.9%). These activities account for 70.7% of Tamaulipas’ total exports.