Tariffs could end the agricultural sector

Tariffs could end the agricultural sector

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TIJUANA – If tariffs were imposed on farm products, farmers would have to leave this activity, being unable to meet the costs involved, stated the minister of Secretaría de Desarrollo Agropecuario de Baja California (SEDAGRO), Manuel Valladolid Seamanduras.

The state official acknowledged that the agricultural sector is vulnerable to constant threats from the U.S. president to impose tariffs on Mexican products.

"If there are tariffs on farm products, the consumer will have to pay them, but many producers will have to leave the activity, because that tariff is a cash flow that many times they do not have," he explained.

Valladolid Seamanduras assured that the governments of Mexico and the United States should be very careful when discussing tariffs in the agricultural sector.

"That part has to be very protected by the other countries, because in the end it is food and those who import our products, in this case the United States, will be affected negatively in terms of prices," he pointed out.

The head of SEDAGRO, acknowledged the great vocation of the entity for agriculture, exporting a large number of products to the United States, in addition to supplying the local market.

Source: El Sol de Tijuana