Taxan bets on San Luis Potosi

Taxan bets on San Luis Potosi

SAN LUIS POTOSI - The Japanese company Taxan will set up operations in San Luis Potosí, generating 1,500 local jobs and strengthening the automotive industry. This move reflects the growing interest in the region as a destination for foreign investment.

This strategic move, announced during a meeting between Taxan executives and the state government delegation, promises to have a significant impact on the region.

With the planned hiring of 1,500 local workers, Taxan seeks to establish a solid presence in the Mexican automotive industry, offering high quality products backed by Japanese expertise and technology.

This decision will not only strengthen San Luis Potosí's industrial sector, but will also create employment and professional development opportunities for the state's inhabitants.

Taxan's commitment to setting up operations in San Luis Potosi reflects the attractiveness of the Mexican state as an investment destination for foreign companies.

The government delegation has expressed its strong support to facilitate this process and promote an environment conducive to the arrival of more Japanese companies and other international investments.