Meet CODE Party, a startup that teaches STEAM thru themed parties

Meet CODE Party, a startup that teaches STEAM thru themed parties

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Nancy J. Gonzalez / MexicoNow

Hyderabad, India. - Learning can be fun. That is the motto Daniela Gonzalez Villarreal used when she was drafting her startup in Coahuila.

CODE Party uses new pedagogical techniques to teach Science, Engineering, Technology, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) to 6 to 12-year old kids. 

“Kids have no prejudices; therefore, if we teach them that science, math, and technology are fun, they might pursue a career on those fields,” Daniela said. “I truly believe that if you want to empower someone, you must educate that person. That is why I found a fun way to do that.”

CODE Party uses 5 different theme parties to encourage STEAM among kids. Every party is unique and it uses different props such as 3D printers, lasers, and robots and different pedagogical approaches.

“We are teaching to these kids to be the inventors of the new technology, not just technology consumers. For example, in one of the parties we use 3D printers and the kids do all the process, from design to manufacturing of an object,” Gonzalez explained.

These STEAM-based parties can be implemented in every gathering, from a birthday party to an office meeting or a special event in the workplace.

Furthermore, CODE Party uses role models in every one of the events, a person whose contribution to Science, Engineering, Technology, Art, or Mathematics has been crucial for the field.

“Everyone needs a role model. If you do not know these amazing people, you will not pursue to be them. In CODE Party we use male and female role models because both of them have made significant contribution to STEAM,” said Gonzalez. “We need more women on STEAM and this is a way to encourage female to be on those fields and overcome most stereotypes.”

The next step to CODE Party is to become a franchise to be replicated in other cities in Mexico and Latin America.

Recently, Daniela participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in India where she learned new ways to market her brand, as well as to develop a global network to replicate her ideas.

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