The Automotive Cluster of San Luis Potosi prepares to restart operations

The Automotive Cluster of San Luis Potosi prepares to restart operations

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SAN LUIS POTOSI — The Automotive Cluster of San Luis Potosí, with the support of Catch Consulting, carried out the webinar: “Seminar on Restarting Operations”.

The webinar was held with the intention of sharing the actions that the Cluster is doing to be prepared for the moment when it is announced that the automotive industry may resume operations. In addition, recommendations were extended to the various participants and support was provided by solving their doubts.

The agenda revolved around four axes: Restart points; business strategies; sanitation and cleaning protocols; and checklists by areas.

Due to the confusion surrounding the start dates of the sector, Alejandro Veraza, general director of the Automotive Cluster of San Luis Potosí, began by clarifying that the only thing that can provide clarity about the dates to resume operations would be a publication made by the Official Gazette of the Federation.

Regarding business strategies, the cluster recommended on planning a restart of operations according to the following phases: risk planning and prevention, referring to the risks of contagion; operational flexibility; operations protection; logistics and supply chains; and reaffirmation of operations.

Regarding sanitation and cleaning protocols, the key aspects to consider according to the cluster are: medical protocols for health review of employees; distribution and explanation of these protocols to all employees; handling of suspected and confirmed cases; employee segregation policies; definition of  hand cleaning areas with adequate means; disinfection of all areas; continuous disinfection and cleaning plan between shifts; disinfection and cleaning protocols in personnel transportation among others.

In addition, the use of a checklist by areas was recommended, so that all collaborators can ensure from their areas that the necessary measures are being taken to avoid contagion.

Finally, a quick survey was carried out among the participants to have a better perspective of the panorama that exists within the sector. The survey referred to the preparation that companies currently have for the restart of operations.

Source: Cluster Industrial