The Bajio region and northern border of Mexico lead the auto parts’ industry

MONTERREY — Northern and central zones have positioned themselves as leaders in the auto parts sector of the country since they concentrate 80.1% of Mexico’s production, explained Alberto Bustamante, director of the National Auto Parts Industry (INA).

Among the best positioned states as producers of auto parts, is Coahuila with 19.2% , followed by Chihuahua with 13.5% and Guanajuato with 8.9%; nevertheless, Nuevo León increased its production, reaching the figure of 8.9%.

Alberto Bustamante stated that there are some key factors that allow entities to achieve these levels of production, for example the geographical position and how the auto parts companies are related to the target market; “the northern part of the country is an export market, mainly to the United States, “he pointed out

In addition, the general director of the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo Leon, Manuel Montoya, stressed that each region is growing differently and stated that the Bajío’s growth has been a consequence of the establishment of many manufacturers in said area such as Mazda, General Motors Mexico, Nissan, Mercedes

Source: El Economista