The Everest Group – Building the Fundations of Aerospace Mexico

The Everest Group – Building the Fundations of Aerospace Mexico

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The Everest Group is well-known for its capacities in consulting and manufacturing start-up services in Mexico. Its turnkey capability is unique and has allowed successful implementations of many significant Aerospace and Manufacturing companies throughout the country. The company prides itself on its unequalled service and unbiased advice to clients.

Furthermore, The Everest Group's influence in building the Aerospace foundation in Mexico goes well beyond this scope.

Aerospace in Mexico is a recent industry that essentially needed to be built from the bottom-up. From the very beginning only few years ago, Everest has advocated to its major Aerospace clients that their long term success in Mexico lies in dimensions far beyond than the customary issues of finding a location, a building or a start-up services provider. It resides in their ability to secure critical elements acknowledged worldwide as the essential pillars of the Aerospace industry such as: - Assuring free access to a highly qualified workforce from the market place and specialized vocational educational schools; - Creating conditions to ensure the growth and successful implementation of an Aerospace supply chain; - Establishing close collaborations with the Governments, essential partners in the sustainability and growth of the Aerospace industry in any country, even in those very well-established in Aerospace.

Everest has developed significant expertise in the matter of Aerospace vocational training as a key participant in the creation of the Universidad Nacional Aeronáutica en Querétaro (UNAQ). This was and remains a pivotal initiative in support of the birth and growth of the Aerospace community of Querétaro. The significance of this school extends well beyond the limit of the local aerospace cluster to the entire nation. It was essentially the first large-scale vocational training school dedicated to aerospace manufacturing fully sponsored by the public education authorities and fully integrated with the public education system. The students ultimately receive a full-fledged degree.

The project was also a first milestone in the Mexican system of public education because it introduced, on a large scale, the concept of the school-factory where 80% of the learning taking place is hands-on practice in support of 20% theory. When the program is completed it is supplemented by a 3-month apprenticeship in the factory of the future employer. This is a concept of training by competencies in which the students must demonstrate in practice that s/he has fully mastered all the concepts learned in theory.

The unique expertise of Everest in this capacity was subsequently requested by the State of Zacatecas. In turn, they contracted Everest to create its Centro Aeroespacial de Zacatecas (CAZ). This was done in support of the creation of its aerospace cluster.

In the record time of less than eight months, Everest created this exceptional vocational school from the ground up, including the development of programs, the fitting-out of the 50,000 sq.ft. school-factory building including all the equipment in the shops and classrooms, plus recruiting the students. Three programs were inaugurated in January of this year, namely: Basic Machining (duration 12 months); Advanced CNC Machining (7 months); and Composites (6 months).

The Aerospace Composites Program is unique since no equivalent exists on the entire continent. CAZ is affiliated with UTEZ, a local technical university, allowing a full recognition of its education through a diploma.

Beyond education, Everest recognizes that the full potential of OEM's and major Tier-1's in Mexico can only be achieved through the establishment of a comprehensive local supplier's base. Everest is working with its clients and with State Governments to attract the critical Aerospace suppliers that will create the efficiency of the established major Aerospace companies. The establishment of the supply base is as critical to governments as to the companies.

As Aerospace requires significant Government support, the creation of a critical mass of investments and activities provides a basis to public authorities to continue their investments in schools, support programs, R&D, so essential to this industry. Everest plays a key link between its clients in industry and the government. This is certainly one of the essential conditions of success.

Last but not least, Everest's number one priority remains creating value for its clients. First and foremost it believes that its most significant contribution to that end is to assist clients to develop a long-term vision of their investments in Mexico; one that exceeds the limitation of their initial investment. By creating such a vision, the clients are creating structuring projects that will eventually take a significant place in their overall corporate manufacturing strategy. At the same time, these projects are far more valuable to the community as they yield a higher impact on the local and national economy.

All the above additional values and capabilities of Everest do not overshadow its main purpose: its client successful manufacturing start-up.

There is no long term, no Phase II if the Phase I projects are not implemented with total success in regard to cost, time and scope. This is true of course for the clients but also for the local governments who desire to gain as many long-term benefits as possible for the investment. Everyone has genuine interest in making it work as smoothly as possible during this initial and crucial phase.

With that end in mind, Everest has developed a comprehensive set of inhouse capabilities that allows it to take overall project management responsibility for the implementation of its clients; it is a turnkey approach. This allows The Everest Group to take full accountability for successful start-up of operations from the beginning to end. The Company offers Consulting, Administrative Start-Up and Shelter Services, Facility Start-up Services and all of this is done through its own Architecture & Engineering Department and Equipment Relocation Services.

This complete integration under a single provider is of great value to clients in terms of lowering project risk while increasing the efficiency of implementation.

The Everest Group does not operate any industrial park or represent any real estate interest. This allows the Company to provide its services throughout Mexico at the best locations for clients.

For instance, in recent years The Everest Group completed projects in Nuevo Leon, Sonora, Queretaro, Zacatecas and Sonora. Everest maintains offices in Mexico City, Queretaro, Saltillo, Zacatecas and is currently opening a new office in Durango.