The first Aeronautic College of the Bajio is inaugurated in Leon

Guanajuato government officers recently inaugurated the first Colegio Aeronautico del Bajio, an educational institution that seeks to attend the demand for qualified staff in the blooming aerospace industry in Mexico, in association with the State’s educational system. Guillermo Romero Pacheco, Sub-secretary of Employment and Labor Market Formation for the Ministry of Economic Development, affirms that the creation of this institution is proof of the State Government’s interest in establishing public policies with a future vision, as an intensively growing industry is being addressed. This sector is expected to become one of the most important in Mexico within the next decades, along with the automotive industry. “The main challenge is the formation of human capital. The most important element in any economy is its people, rather than growth rates. Economic development, if is not seen as a better opportunity to improve the quality of life, is not meeting its objective. Human capital formation is a huge challenge”, he assured. The Aeronautic College, located in La Laborcita neighborhood in Leon City, will initially offer High school with Technical certification in Aircraft, Engines and Avionics, while High school with Technical certification as Airplane Pilot and High school with Technical certification as Flight Attendant, will be offered soon.