The Woodbridge Group evaluates growing operations in Coahuila

The Woodbridge Group evaluates growing operations in Coahuila

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TORONTO – During a meeting in Toronto, the Woodbridge Group proposed to the commercial delegation headed by Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís the possibility of growing its operations in Coahuila as well as the possibility of building a research center.

David Miller, vice president of  the automotive supplier, talked to Riquelme Solis about the great results the company is having in the entity (at the Saltillo’s facility), which is one of the main reasons of thinking about an expansion project in Coahuila; in response, the commercial delegation of Coahuila offered all the benefits required in this evaluation process.

Woodbridge is currently evaluating products and processes that could be the basis for its expansion of operations in Saltillo or other regions of the state. In addition
Miller, who is also the outgoing president of the Autoparts Association of Canada, stated that in the coming days he will have a working meeting with all of the organism’s partners,in which he will explain the benefits offered by Coahuila for productive investments,

Source: El Heraldo de Saltillo