Time and Attendance Software Solutions

Time and Attendance Software Solutions

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Mitrefinch, a global UK-based software company being 40 years on the market, acquired Advance Systems America to enter US and Mexico market by offering time and attendance and employee management solutions designed for any industry and company with 100- 10 000 employees, including manufacturing, logistics, automotive, aerospace, pharma, healthcare systems, transportation and construction.

The latest version of Mitrefinch time management system offers advanced features of real time ability to automatically track employees’ time from any location and device and keep all data in one central system. Managers and Supervisors can take advantage of the flexibility of the system to solve complex scheduling and project assignments, manage shifts and hourly tasks, for remote field workers. 

This Time and Attendance software totally eliminates manual timesheets processing and automates calculation of worked hours, time off, vacation and sick days for each employee based on non-standard rules and pay.

While many companies are moving their manufacturing operations to Mexico  it’s important for them to have a dynamic and fast time and attendance software system in place to manage employees, complex schedules and hours in one system without costly human error.

By offering multiple web based, biometric  and mobile clocking options with enabled GPS to track employee time and attendance, Mitrefinch helps cover all the aspects of administrative cost and payroll, according to the labor law and specific regulations thanks to a highly customizable platform.   

With the convenience of cloud-based time and attendance system, supervisors can review information and create updated reports in a matter of seconds. Cloud-based technology results in better time and money savings, greater efficiency, and data updates in real time.  Mitrefinch software interface can be easily localized to Spanish to make it more friendly and efficient for a local workforce in Mexico.

The companies can choose between 2 different pricing options based on their needs and requirements. They can buy On-Premise Software License as one-time cost solution or get a monthly subscription as SaaS software which is cheaper for per/employee cost. The investment into Mitrefinch will usually pay off in 18 months.



Source: Mitrefinch