Toluca Airport seeks the arrival of AeroUnion and Estafeta

Toluca Airport seeks the arrival of AeroUnion and Estafeta

TOLUCA - The Toluca International Airport (AIT) has begun talks with AeroUnion and Estafeta to finalize their possible arrival to this infrastructure due to the decree that put an end to dedicated air cargo at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

"They are evaluating the possibility of moving to AIFA or Toluca, they have many issues to consider, road logistics development, prices, investments," said Hugo Delgado Ortega, director of AIT.

In an interview during the Tianguis Turístico, he commented that the Mexico City terminal has the capacity for more cargo ships to arrive, in addition to having all the customs and immigration services, among others necessary for cargo handling.

However, he pointed out that any cargo airline wishing to develop in Toluca will have to make investments for its logistics center.

Regarding the characteristics of the aircraft to be able to land at the AIT, he mentioned that perhaps aircraft with older technology could be affected in performance and will have to sacrifice capacity.

"Currently there are new technologies, the Toluca airport does not represent any challenge for them, it is not so much the airplane but the engines, if they are not new technology they will have to sacrifice that load", he explained.

However, he mentioned that there is no specific date to finalize any agreement, but they are still in constant talks and attending to their information requirements so that they can make their evaluation in an adequate manner.

In the AIT land cargo planes of the companies FedEx and TUM AeroCarga, in 2021 it registered a movement of 50,000 tons, a similar figure for 2022, while for this year it will depend on whether a new agreement is reached.

Regarding passenger movement, he indicated that in 2022 they closed with 585,000 travelers, exceeding expectations and almost reaching the 698,000 users recorded in 2018 and 2019.