Toyota announces production of the hybrid Tacoma in Guanajuato

Toyota announces production of the hybrid Tacoma in Guanajuato

GUANAJUATO - The president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Guanajuato, Francisco Garcia, announced the production of the Tacoma model in the state, with an investment of US$328 million for the future production of a hybrid-electric version of the pick-up.

The president of operations detailed that the plant had an initial investment of US$700 million with a capacity of 100,000 units, which in 2022 was expanded to more than 140,000 units with an additional investment of US$150 million.

The investment of close to US$330 million made in 2023 corresponds to a model change in the production line, as the plant is being adapted to produce the fourth-generation Tacoma.

"By 2023, we expect to reach production of 138,000 Tacoma units at the Guanajuato plant," he said.

Regarding the jobs generated by the most recent investment to manufacture the new generation Tacoma, the executive confirmed that it generates 465 new direct jobs, as well as 1,822 indirect jobs with its suppliers. With this, the Toyota plant will reach 2,965 direct jobs and more than 9,000 counting its on-site suppliers.

The Apaseo el Grande plant has 15 suppliers installed on site, who are able to deliver components for assembly with only hours' notice via a delivery line.

"Two-thirds of all Tacoma parts are produced in the Bajio, with domestic suppliers providing 10% of the total, and the rest coming from suppliers in other parts of Mexico, the US, Canada and Japan," explained Francisco Garcia about TMMGT's supply chain.

The Apaseo el Grande plant receives pick-up rear boxes from the plant in Baja California, as well as stamped parts from Toyota's plant in Texas, axles and engines from the plant in Alabama and transmissions from the plant in North Carolina.