Toyota Mexico began production of the fourth generation Tacoma

Toyota Mexico began production of the fourth generation Tacoma

GUANAJUATO - Toyota Motor de México has begun production in 2024 of the fourth generation of its iconic Tacoma pickup, a model that has been produced entirely in Mexico for almost 20 years.

This is a very important milestone for the Mexican automotive industry and a reflection of the progress that has been made in the production and supply of quality vehicles in Mexico.

The history of the production of this pickup in the country began in 2004, when originally only the bedplates were produced in the plant located in Baja California (TMMBC), only a year later (2005) the complete production of Tacoma began in the same plant. Today, production is close to reaching 2 million units, a milestone that will be reached in the next few weeks.

"The new generation Tacoma represents the result of years of research, development and collaboration between our engineering, design and production teams. We are excited to offer consumers a versatile and reliable vehicle option that exceeds expectations in every aspect,' said Oscar Villarreal, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Baja California.

'We are proud to be a spearhead in the development of the automotive industry in our country, as our beloved Tacoma has positioned itself in the preference of consumers throughout North America,' commented Francisco Garcia, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Guanajuato.

The company expects to produce more than 283,000 units of this new generation Tacoma during the first year of manufacturing, considering both plants, Baja California and Guanajuato. This will represent a 13.2% growth against the 250,000 units produced in 2023, of which around 113,000 were produced in Guanajuato and 136,000 in Baja California.

It is expected that this year the production of both plants will be practically equal in quantity, although the Guanajuato plant has a capacity of 200,000 units compared to 166,000 units in the Baja California plant.

The company invested US$328 million in Guanajuato for the retooling of the fourth generation Tacoma, a process it completed in the last two months of 2023. In addition, its Mexican Tier 1 supplier, Metalsa, invested US$180 million for its new plant located next to the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Guanajuato (TMMGT) assembly plant.

Tacoma represents a new standard in performance, design and technology, and its local production reflects the commitment of the Japanese company to economic growth and the creation of quality jobs in the country and its various regions, and satisfying the needs and preferences of domestic customers.