Toyota plant in Guanajuato will triple production capacity in first six years

Nine months after Toyota announced that its Guanajuato plant would produce Toyota pickups instead of the Corolla sedan, the Japanese automaker confirmed that the manufacturing complex is already 40% complete and on schedule to open by the end of 2019.

Previously the company had established a production capacity of 100,000 units per year, but according to Mexican media that figure is expected to increase.

Guillermo Díaz, Operations Director of Toyota Motor Sales of Mexico, informed in a press conference that, in a first phase, the plant will assemble 100,000 units and will generate 1,100 jobs. But in a second phase, the production will rise to 200,000 units and later it will reach a capacity of 300,000 light trucks, all this before 2025.

“Each phase will require the hiring of more technicians, it is estimated that in the end will have about 3,000 employees,” said Diaz.


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