TransAct Energy secures land for waste optimization plant in Jalisco

TransAct Energy secures land for waste optimization plant in Jalisco

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TransAct Energy Corp announced today it has signed a conditional purchase agreement for an 18.4-hectare greenfield located in the industrial zone of El Salto, Jalisco, for its intended Zero Emissions Waste Optimization Plant (Z.E.W.O.P.), a facility that using a proprietary technology takes Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and produces multiple products without any residuals returning to the environment.

These by-products include 18 different product streams including potable water, fuels, heavy metals, scrap metals, aluminum, glass, waxes, sugars and carbon which may be resold back into the marketplace at a profit.

“The site has access to a major ring-road to the east and a circulation road to the west that feeds into the free-way system. This will allow easy access from where the MSW is picked up in Tlaquepaque to the Z.E.W.O.P. Products leaving the plant will have the same easy road access going to market,” said the company in a statement.

This site will now undergo technical reviews to assure its compatibility for the intended Z.E.W.O.P. including geotechnical, hydrogeological, seismic and environmental impact studies. The site was selected based on its perceived compliance with our intended uses.

Subject to the land being approved for use and ownership, TransAct will pay 202.7 Million Mexican Pesos (approximately US$ 10.5 Million). The land is larger than required, the balance can be sub-divided off and resold.

"The Agreement marks a major milestone for TransAct. With the land now under contract, we can focus on moving forward with introducing the first ZEWOP to Mexico. Our next step will be to obtain therequisite permits and permissions," said in the statement TransAct CEO, Rod Bartlett. "We hope to complete the purchase of the land by February, and begin site preparation shortly thereafter."


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