TransPak Expands Operations Across Mexico

TransPak Expands Operations Across Mexico

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TransPak is a global leader in sustainably engineered packaging and integrated logistics solutions with an extensive presence in Mexico. Founded over 70 years ago in 1952, TransPak began by providing packaging services to Silicon Valley’s emerging electronics and semiconductor industry. As the valley grew into the technology capital of the world, TransPak consistently offered expert packaging to protect high-value equipment for on-time delivery in perfect condition. Over the years, TransPak has expanded to offer packaging and logistics solutions for critical industries across the globe, including an exponential expansion into Mexico beginning in 2016.

TransPak protects customers’ key assets around the world and throughout Mexico, with four facilities and hundreds of employees across the country. TransPak pioneered its Mexico operation in Tijuana in 2016, and has since opened other impactful facilities in Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Ciudad Juarez. The team is led by Rene Corona-Garcia, EVP Mexico Operations, and Steve Darby, VP Mexico Business Development. “We originally set up a maquila program to support US sites from Mexico as a contract manufacturer, but we’ve seen such success and promise in Mexico that we’ve been expanding to a direct market approach throughout the country,” says Corona-Garcia. He adds, “I attribute much of the success of our Mexico operation to the smart, highly-educated people that work for us.”

TransPak maintains a strong and strategic commitment to its customers, facilities, and employees in Mexico. Says Darby, “A lot of manufacturing has been moving to Mexico, and with the increased focus on nearshoring and supply chain diversification, it’s a no-brainer to be in Mexico for our customers.” Mexico’s market has been a critical aspect of TransPak’s growth and success.

Back in November, TransPak exhibited its innovative products and services at Mexico’s Supply Chain Nearshoring Summit in Queretaro. Local sales team Ricardo Pedemonte, Israel Lopez, and Javier Bravo proudly displayed TransPak’s “Made in Mexico” products alongside fellow global companies.

On March 14, TransPak will be returning to Mexico’s Supply Chain Nearshoring Summit in El Paso, Texas. The company looks forward to connecting with key players in the supply chain space and continuing to build its operation and investment in the Mexico market.