Trump’s arrival will boost Mexico investment: Merrill Lynch

In one of its prospect reports for 2017, the investment bank Merrill Lynch, underscored that “Mexico might become surprisingly benefited from an increase in U.S.’ infrastructure expense”. In addition, Mexico “could benefit in relative terms, from a rebound in construction and infrastructure in the U.S.”. It readily affirmed that “any upturn in U.S. manufacturing will also be good for Mexico, particularly if Trump’s protectionist policies are not as substantial as it is feared”. On the other hand, 2017 poses the following risks to Mexican economy: lower oil prices and a deceleration in the national crude oil production. In a different aspect, the disorderly normalization of the U.S. money policy could also affect the stability of Mexican finances, established the report. In contrast, factors that could drive Mexico’s economy above the estimates are greater economic growth rates in the U.S. and an increase in crude oil prices.