German electronics manufacturer Turck Duotec ramps up production in Coahuila

German electronics manufacturer Turck Duotec ramps up production in Coahuila

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German electronics manufacturer and automation company Turck announced that its Duotec division began at the end of last year a new production line at its plant in Arteaga, Coahuila, which manufactured 300,000 electronic cards for the automotive industry during 2017. That figure is expected to increase to 1.5 million in 2018.

In 2015, the company opened a 12,000 square meters plant called Mirus I northeast of Saltillo, the state capital. Turck invested around US$ 22 million in the building, with four production units and seven production cells each. The facility currently employs nearly 1,000 workers and has a production capacity of 7 million pieces a year.

To accommodate further growth, the company invested nearly US$ 15 million to establish the production unit called Mirus II. As part of the expansion, an additional 1,000 workers will be hired over the next four years.

Currently the Arteaga facility works on three different products for equal number of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), including one for a leading German car manufacturer. For that end, the employees, who deal exclusively with customer-specific electronics, were extensively trained in Germany.

Turck Duotec will also seek to diversify its customers, with an important foray into the medical sector, among other projects. "There are many opportunities in the medical sector. We are in a very strategic location and we believe that we can have very good participation," said plant manager Rodolfo Ortiz in a recent interview to local media.

Ortiz stressed that although the German company has been very conservative and analytical regarding the economic scenario and factors of uncertainty such as the NAFTA talks and the tax reform. However, "the markets are responding favorably, they are still working, our bet is to satisfy our clients and we have backup plans in case an unstable situation is seen," he said.


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