Turkish Airlines seeks arrive in Mexico in 2019

Turkish Airlines seeks arrive in Mexico in 2019

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Turkish Airlines seeks to arrive in 2019 in Mexico City, to make the connection between Istanbul and Mexico. While this route is being finalized, the Turkish airline has already begun operations into Mexican territory with its subsidiary Turkish Cargo.

"We are working intensely on this issue. If we can conclude this goal our relations will have a higher level. There is no exact date, we are working a lot and in two or three months we will know if it's possible," said Turkey's ambassador to Mexico, Timur Söylemez.

He considered that the route will not have competition because it will be a new destination between the two countries.

He explained that the commercial flight requires three slots (takeoff and landing times) at the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM), preferably during the course of the day, in order to have better connections in Istanbul.

He said that tourism between the two countries reaches 20,000 tourists, and in the first eight months of this year already reached the figure of 19,000.