Two Boeing 767-300 get passenger-to-cargo conversion at Mexicana MRO facility

The joint venture between Bedek Aviation Group and Mexicana MRO is in the process of converting two Boeing 767-300 from passenger to cargo configuration at their facility in Mexico City, MRO Network reported.

According to the site, business for the subsidiary of Israel Aerospace industries (IAI) and its Mexican counterpart are on the rise and they expect to sign new contracts soon. 

The joint facility was established last year and is operated by Mexicana MRO Services as Bedek Aviation Group’s sub-contractor, which as provided training for Mexicana’s structural engineers, electricians, mechanics and engineers. All conversion work is performed under the Bedek supervision. The joint venture converted its first 767-300 last year.

“IAI estimates that the collaboration with Mexicana will yield projects worth tens of millions of dollars in the coming years,” says the report.



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