Two U.S. firms arriving into Nuevo Leon

Another two companies from the U.S. are betting on Nuevo Leon. It is the popcorn packaging company Act II, who is now building a plant in Santa Catarina, and another company in the business of reels and profiles that recently inaugurated a plant in Apodaca. Act II is building a 6,000 square meters industrial building, inside the Industrial Park Las Torres, which will start operating by mid-year. Regarding the firm located in Apodaca, a broker revealed that US$15 million were invested, to furnish a 7,500 square meter area. Samuel Peña, Sub secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Labor, commented that many companies have preferred to be cautious with their investment announcements in Mexico, but Mr. Peña affirms, rest assured, that investment from the U.S. and other countries as well, will keep coming into Mexico.