UNAM delivers 100 proposals for the National Development Program

UNAM delivers 100 proposals for the National Development Program

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MEXICO CITY  — The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) gave the federal government 100 proposals for the National Development Program (PDN) 2019-2024.

The document was delivered by the rector Enrique Graue to the minister of Secretaría de Hacienda  Carlos Urzúa, and proposes four axes: poverty reduction and egalitarian society, higher growth, territorial development and sustainability, and institutional reforms for inclusive development.

In the offices of the treasury, Urzúa Macías summoned the university students to participate in the forums that will take place in the next weeks for the plan’s elaboration.

He also announced the opening of an internet portal to receive proposals and disseminate the dates and topics of these forums.

The document sets out the objectives, strategies, and development priorities of the federal government, in compliance with article 26 of the Constitution, the Planning Law and the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration, and that mus be approved for the first time by the Chamber of Deputies, by virtue of the political reform approved in 2014.

The deadline for the president to deliver the draft of the National Development Plan to the Chamber of Deputies expires on April 30.

Source: El Financiero