Uncertainty will affect Mexico’s economic growth

Uncertainty will affect Mexico’s economic growth

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Centro de Estudios Económicos del Sector Privado (CEESP) considers the Mexican economy as "unlikely" to show a significant dynamism this year, due to the existence of risks as a cause of external and internal factors, such as commercial relations and the policies of the new government.

In its weekly analysis, CEESP, leaded by Luis Foncerrada assured that "It is possible that foreign investment could turn out more cautious, which would imply lower capital flows".

CEESP added that a more cautious attitude towards Mexico regarding foreign investment could cause also a lower employment generation and detailed that the country is experimenting an economic environment where probabilities of low forecasts are big.

The organism called on the government to promote greater transparency regarding public policies, which would raise the level of certainty and the rate of economic growth.