University for workers opens in Saltillo

University for workers opens in Saltillo

SALTILLO – The Miguel Ramos Arizpe Labor University of Mexico (UNILAM) was formally inaugurated with the purpose of providing an opportunity for training and professional development to workers who are members of the Confederation of Workers of Mexico.

UNILAM will offer a High School Program, which already has 457 students enrolled, as well as the careers of Industrial Engineering 4.0, Automotive Engineering 4.0, Mechatronics Engineering, Engineering in Plastic Injection Processes and the degrees in Labor Law and Human Capital; as well as dual education in mechatronics, tooling and machines and tools, with both classroom and online modalities.

In addition, it will grant labor diplomas endorsed by the International Labor Organization, and several certifications such as Certification in Safety Commissions, in Training Commissions as Competence Evaluator and Instructor Certification.

The university will also have sports facilities, and in a second phase, it is planned to have a branch at the Language Center of the Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, to teach languages such as technical English, German, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

The University will seek to provide a prepared workforce for the country's automotive, textile, agri-food, mining and manufacturing sectors, training professionals with a focus on industry 4.0.

Source: Milenio