Update of NOM for electric products will propel exports

The update of the Official Mexican Standards set known as NOM-003, regarding safety and quality guidelines of electric and electronic products, as well as home appliances, to be enforced from May 27 onwards, will drive export of products to the U.S. and Europe, assured the Mexican Organization for Standardization, ANCE. The Mexican Norm has been conformed to North American and European Standards, therefore facilitating exports to these markets. ANCE representatives explained that the NOM-003 update will be a referent for other norms, as it assesses each particular product according to its technical specifications and characteristics. Rafael Nava, ANCE’s Executive President, underscores that the Electric Sector in Mexico has a production valued over US$12 billion, and out of this amount, US$7.5 million are destined to foreign trade, hence the importance of having standards that promote commercial exchange.