UPS Mexico acquires 61 Mercedes-Benz units

UPS Mexico acquires 61 Mercedes-Benz units

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In order to strengthen its distribution structure, UPS Mexico acquired 61 Sprinter 2019 Cargo Van 415 models from Mercedes-Benz and 18 Freightliner M2 trucks which, when integrated into the fleet of the company that specializes in transport, logistics and electronic commerce services, add to more than 600 vehicles.

Ron Mayorga, president of UPS Mexico, commented that the company is working to hike its growth. "[The recent purchases] are investments made in order to increase the vehicle fleet that will allow the company to strengthen its operating capacities." He added that the company’s commitment is to work for the benefit of its customers in every industry.

Ralf Rothermel, general manager of Mercedes-Benz Vanes Mexico, explained that the 61 Sprinter Cargo Van models were built and equipped in Germany under the specifications required by UPS, which is why each vehicle integrates a diesel engine that complies with the Euro V norm.