US$228.5 million invested in Queretaro

According to Marco Del Prete Tercero, Ministry of Sustainable Development, 13 new industrial investment projects arrived in the state of Querétaro during January and February, for an amount of over US$228.5 million. These companies, one of them from the aerospace sector, are coming from 13 different nations. During the first six months of the state governor’s office, policies to attract investment have been reinforced, making good use of both the capabilities of this state and the positive trend seen in recent years towards the creation of more and better jobs. As a result of the work tour through the U.S., some companies, including an aerospace firm, grew interest in investing here. In addition to this, meetings with Canadian authorities for setting up a work agenda to visit Canada by November this year, are being held currently. The purpose of this tour is to enhance (good business) relations with members of the aerospace sector, such as Bombardier, and other companies that work for this industry.