US$527 million investment to arrive in Queretaro

US$527 million investment to arrive in Queretaro

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QUERETARO — The Ministry of Sustainable Development of Querétaro (Sedesu) currently considers 20 investment projects for the second half of the year that amount to US$ 527 million approximately, according to the head of the ministry, Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero.

Said investments are considered within sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, financial services, plastics, household appliances, among others.

“There are 20 projects to announce, which means 4,000 jobs and an investment of US$ 527 million; some of these projects are already closed while others still need to be resolved,”he said.

 “We clearly are part of a system and despite of Queretaro’s good pace, it is immersed in a system called Mexico, we do not only interact with the federal government but with other states,” he said.

“Today there is confidence from investors in Queretaro and our employment level turns to be a clear example of this; 2,999 jobs were generated  last June, representing an increase of 40% more than the same period of the previous year,” he said.

Source: El Financiero