Vehicle production at the Texas-Mexico Supercluster increases by 55%

Vehicle production at the Texas-Mexico Supercluster increases by 55%

MEXICO - The Texas-Mexico Automotive Supercluster, made up of states such as Texas, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Coahuila and San Luis Potosi, has experienced impressive growth in vehicle production over the last decade, according to a study conducted by the international consulting firm Accenture.

During this period, the production of motor vehicles in the region has increased by more than 600 thousand units, reaching 1.7 million units per year, which represents an increase of 55%. This growth has been possible thanks to joint investments by automakers and their suppliers, amounting to US$10 billion.

Coahuila and Nuevo Leon have played a fundamental role in this growth, hosting automotive companies such as Kia, Navistar, Daimler and John Deere, among others. In addition, expectations are even higher with the upcoming Tesla and Bobcat facilities in the region.

The study highlights that the automotive sector in the region generates 24.5% of manufacturing value added, up from 18.3% a decade ago. In addition, the Texas-Mexico Automotive Supercluster has 311 automotive suppliers, which employ 206,000 people, demonstrating the significant impact this industry has on the regional economy.

Vehicle production is expected to continue to increase, especially with the acceleration of production at the Gigafactory in Texas and the arrival of new companies to the cluster. This growth not only strengthens the manufacturing sector, but also boosts the region's overall economy.