Volaris asks for economic viability in the airport system

Volaris asks for economic viability in the airport system

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MEXICO — Enrique Beltranena, director of Volaris, recently told A21, an informative medium of reference for professionals of the aeronautical and aerospace industry, that economic viability in costs necessary for airplanes to operate properly within the new metropolitan system of airports proposed by the federal government.

“I cannot operate something that is not economically viable. And if it’s not like that, I’m leaving. The example is Toluca; as an airline, we were born and grew ip there. But it is not viable from the point of view of costs for us,” said Beltranena.

He stressed that if the government considers this economic aspect, both air operations and the industry will grow. He explained that the demand does not arise from the creation of an airport but from the guarantee of an optimal service to passengers.

It’s worth remembering that during the ordinary session held by the National Committee of Airport Managers, on January 28, made up of the representatives of airlines operating in the country, the transfer of some routes was negotiated to convert the Toluca airport into its new starting point.

However, in the framework of the Aviation Summit organized by the International Air Transport Association, the airlines agree that they cannot make decisions until the federal government presents the master plan that establishes how operations will be carried out in the new system composed of the airports of Mexico City, Toluca, and Santa Lucía.

Source: A21