Volaris signs agreement to promote business connectivity in Juarez

Volaris signs agreement to promote business connectivity in Juarez

JUAREZ, CHIH - The Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development acted as intermediary in the signing of an agreement between the airline Volaris and the Chihuahua Institute of Sports, the Municipality of Juarez, Frente Norte, Chihuahua Global, Index Juarez and Coparmex.

The purpose of the agreement is to promote sports events, business meetings, trade missions and tourism events in Ciudad Juarez.

The joint work agenda consisted of individual visits to the Cámara Mexicana de la Industria de la Construcción Juárez (CMIC) and the Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de Ciudad Juárez A.C., where Nancy Galaviz and Nora Garza, from Volaris' North Zone Sales, Distribution and Market Development area, explained the preferential fares and benefits of the "V Business" membership to the nearly one thousand members of the business organizations. 

In addition, they met with the Association of Architects and Engineers; the Association of Architects; the Association of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineers; the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals; the Juarez Regional Development Council and the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra).

Isela Molina Alcay, president of Canacintra Juarez, highlighted the importance of this type of approach with the airlines, since due to the nature of the business lines of the members of the industrial chamber, being connected with other parts of the country to be able to do business is a priority.

Nancy Galaviz, Senior Sales and Market Development Manager for Mexico for Volaris, said that the main interest was to hold the meeting to analyze, based on internal data, the flight routes that can be operated from Ciudad Juarez.

"We are seeing what benefits we can give to all members through a membership called V-BUSINESS, so they can make their business trips, which can be extended to the partners' collaborators," said Galaviz.

Among the benefits of the program called Combo Business, is having the facility to have the reservation on hold without modifying the cost of the fare, for up to 24 hours, priority boarding, change the name of the reserved ticket, as well as advance the flight, depending on availability, among others.