Volaris, with 60 airplanes in its fleet

Airbus delivered an A320 airplane to Volaris and it is making history, as this is plane number 60 to join the air carrier’s fleet. “Airbus has belonged in the Volaris family all the way from the start, when we received our first airplane here in Tolouse, up until now, 10 years of partnership later, as we are back here in the same place where we began, receiving our plane number 60”, explained Holger Blankenstein, Business Executive Director of Volaris. The purchase of aircraft models A320 and A320neo, is proof of a positive, sustained alliance between Volaris and Airbus, aimed at increasing the volume of passengers. In this regard, these airplanes provide Volaris with operational, maintenance and fuel efficiency, which in turn, minimizes the environmental impact, making this an Eco-Efficient Company.