Volkswagen confirms end of Golf production in Puebla to build a new SUV

Volkswagen confirms end of Golf production in Puebla to build a new SUV

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Volkswagen confirmed what was rumored last year, the production of the eighth generation Golf will be consolidated in the Wolfsburg plant, meaning it will stop being manufactured in the Puebla, Mexico facility next year.

Although the company had previously confirmed that, instead of the Golf, the Mexican plant will produce another SUV along with the Tiguan, it is currently unknown whether the change of models will imply a reduction or increase in personnel.

Around 30% of the workforce of the plant––about 2,790 workers––are engaged in the production of Golf, whose daily volume is 200 units in a single shift.

In addition to the Golf and the Tiguan, the Puebla plant manufactures the redesigned Jetta and the Beetle, whose production is also close to being discontinued in that facility.

The announcement comes a few days after the German automaker and the local union agreed to an overall increase of 6.5%, 5.5% to salary and 1% in benefits, the highest in the last seven years.

Also, for the first time, both parties agreed at once that the salary increase next year will be equivalent to the inflation rate plus one percentage point, while the benefits will also increase 1%.

It is worth mentioning that during the negotiations the union sought permanent job positions for 450 temporary workers, but given the uncertainty caused by the current changes, the petition was declined and their contracts will not be renewed once they conclude.



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