Volkswagen de México to invest almost one billion dollars in Puebla

Volkswagen de México to invest almost one billion dollars in Puebla

PUEBLA - In a meeting with Sergio Salomón, Governor of the State of Puebla, Holger Nestler, President and CEO of Volkswagen de México, announced the company's entry into the electromobility era with a second investment package of close to US$1 billion.

During the meeting with the President, which was also attended by Ermilo Barrera, Secretary of Economy of the State of Puebla, the executive said that this second capital package is in addition to the one announced in 2022 for US$763.5 million, as part of the start of construction of a new paint shop for the plant located in the municipality of Cuautlancingo.

"We are excited to take firm steps towards electrification in Puebla. This second investment package is also a sign of the relevance of the state, where today we reaffirm the quality of manufacturing, while optimizing our business management based on environmental, social and corporate governance criteria, with a broad impact on communities, towards the sustainable future of the industry," said Holger Nestler, president and CEO of Volkswagen de México.

In the framework of this meeting with authorities, the president of the German company also shared details of Volkswagen's regionalization strategy in North America. This strategy will allow the German firm's subsidiaries in the United States, Canada and Mexico to strengthen synergies, maximize their capabilities and boost productivity.