Volkswagen Mexico’s production increases 40%

Volkswagen Mexico’s production increases 40%

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PUEBLA During the first three months of 2019, Volkswagen recorded a production of 40.7% on the lines of its factory in Puebla, with a manufacturing of 110,116 vehicles compared to 78,219 completed during the same period last year.

The company said in a statement that only in March of this year it manufactured 37,434 units, that is, 4,684 more than in the same period of 2018, 14.3% more.

Regarding exports, Volkswagen de México reported that 29,664 vehicles were sent abroad, that is, 0.4%; while  in the first quarter, its distribution worldwide was 89,249 units, which represented a difference of 30.8%.

The Tiguan model reported a production of 17,986 in March and 54,077 during the first quarter, placing itself as the largest manufacturer for the German firm installed in the municipality of Cuautlancingo.

For its part: the Jetta led the production of passenger cars in said plant, with 11, 041 units in March and 31,983 in the accumulated from January to March.

"The expectation that has awakened the production of Beetle among the public that wants to acquire a unit of the latest assembled worldwide, boosted the production of this model to reach 3,053 units, in its variants Coupé and convertible, during March, a figure that meant an increase of 6.8% compared to the same month of 2018

Source: t21