Volkswagen offers 2-year-leave buyout packages to workers at its Puebla plant

Volkswagen offers 2-year-leave buyout packages to workers at its Puebla plant

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Workers at the Volkswagen assembly plant in Puebla have been receiving letters with a proposal aimed to reducing the workforce temporarily, local media reported.

According to the documents, the company is offering a scheme to workers, age 49 or less, in which they would participate in a program of a two-year leave with benefits that amount to those of what they call a “technical shut down.”

In the proposal, which comes with the company's letterhead, workers who accept the scheme will receive one full year of salary with all benefits included. In addition, they will receive a letter of commitment to be rehired after the two years have elapsed and, if possible, in the same station or position in which they previously worked.

It should be remembered that next year the Puebla plant will end production of both the Beetle coupe and all variants of the Golf family, to focus on the production of the larger version of the Tiguan and the all-new Jetta.

The German automaker has already confirmed that in 2020 the Mexican plant will also manufacture another SUV, of which the name is still unknown.

It is speculated that Volkswagen seeks to cut 1,000 of the 9,230 unionized jobs positions with which the plant currently operates.



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