Volkswagen production at Puebla facility increases 10% from January through August

Volkswagen production at Puebla facility increases 10% from January through August

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From January through August, Volkswagen built 322,831 vehicles at the Puebla assembly plant, an increase of 10.1% compared to the 293,285 units from the same eight-month period from a year ago. Last month alone, production reached 46,970 vehicles, up 3.5% compared to August 2016, revealed local media last week citing figures from the Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA).

August was the second-best month of the year in production output for the Mexican facility, just topped by March, when the German automaker built 48,187 vehicles. Meanwhile, January marked the lowest production output to 27,744 units. 

Production during the rest of the year at VW’s biggest production site outside Germany has been as follows: 41,750 units in February, 38,803 cars in April, 41,825 vehicles in May and 40,753 autos las June. Volkswagen has set a goal of 462,200 vehicles built at the Puebla assembly plant during 2017.

Volkswagen’s most manufactured model in the firsts eight months of 2017 is the Jetta, which totaled 161,657 vehicles. However, that figure is 13.66% lower than the 187,244 Jettas built in Puebla from January through August 2016.

The Jetta is Mexico’s second most manufactured sedan in Mexico, just behind the Nissan Sentra, which totals 202,446 vehicles in the first eight months of 2017, according to the AMIA.

Exports from the Puebla facility totaled 256,164 vehicles during the first eight months of 2017, a 12.4% hike compared to the 227,886 exported from January through August 2016. However, last month exports saw a double-digit drop of 18.9% to 29,339 vehicles, compared to 36,155 units exported during the same month of 2016. 


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