Volkswagen starts production of the New Jetta in Puebla

Volkswagen starts production of the New Jetta in Puebla

PUEBLA - Volkswagen de México announced the start of production of the new Jetta at its Puebla plant, an iconic model that has positioned itself as a benchmark in its segment thanks to its attributes of manufacturing quality, design that transcends any trend, safety and efficiency.

With the launch of the first units of this model from segment 1 of the factory located in Cuautlancingo, Puebla, the German firm headed by Holger Nestler continues a legacy of seven generations produced uninterruptedly by Mexican hands.

"The entire team at Volkswagen de México is very excited to witness the start-up of the New Jetta, whose production will be destined for the North American markets," said Holger Nestler, president and CEO of Volkswagen de México.

The New Jetta not only has the experience and manufacturing quality of more than 6 million units produced in the Puebla plant, which makes it the most produced model in these facilities, but also the heart of the New Jetta is also proudly Mexican, as two of the engines for this vehicle are assembled in Volkswagen's plant in Silao, Guanajuato.

The initial market for the new Jetta will be Mexico, in a special year for the Volkswagen brand, as Volkswagen celebrates its first 70 years in Mexico in 2024. The local market will be followed by the North American markets.