Volkswagen to increase productivity at its plants in Mexico

Volkswagen to increase productivity at its plants in Mexico

MEXICO – By 2025, the German automaker Volkswagen plans to increase productivity by 30% in the manufacture of electric vehicles and large-scale cars in its North American plants, which include the Chattanooga plant in the United States and the Puebla and Silao plants in Mexico, through the implementation of artificial intelligence and robotics.

As part of Volkswagen's US$1 billion investment in electric mobility and digitalization in North America through 2025; the company is working to bring technologies such as cloud-based industrial software, intelligent robotics and artificial intelligence to manufacturing operations.

The company said that with the launch of such software, artificial intelligence and robotics could enable Volkswagen to optimize collaboration and improve the overall production process, as well as the working environment for its employees and suppliers.

This could lead to even more efficient management of material flows, optimized operation of machines and systems; as well as further savings in energy consumption for production-related processes.

Source: El Economista