Volkswagen widens voluntary leave options for Puebla plant workers

Volkswagen widens voluntary leave options for Puebla plant workers

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A few weeks after Volkswagen offered a two-year voluntary leave plan to workers at the assembly plant in Puebla, the company unveiled new options to reduce the workforce during 2019, local press reported.

In addition to a new early retirement option, Volkswagen is offering to workers from the Cuautlacingo facility to be transferred to the engine plant in Silao, Guanajuato, where in the near future more personnel will be recruited to start a production line for a new engine.

VW it’s also offering the option of being transferred to the Audi plant located in San Jose Chiapa, Puebla. Offers to exercise rights on any of the proposals will be valid until March 2019.

As previously explained, in the temporary leave option, workers are offered the payment of salaries and benefits for one of the two years that they would be absent from the plant. Upon returning, after two years, they would have guaranteed their re-employment and if possible, they would occupy the same job position or at least same work station.

Although neither Volkswagen nor the union explained the terms of the new offers, local media unofficially disclosed that in the voluntary withdrawal workers will be paid a settlement equivalent to 200% of what they’re entitled to by law.

In the case of transfers, employees will also receive a 200% settlement and will be hired at the alternate plants immediately. However, the positions they will receive are not unionized and there are no guarantees of permanent work.



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