Voss Automotive sets first stone in Coahuila

German corporation VOSS started the establishment of its new plant in the Municipality of Arteaga, Coahuila, with a US$10 million investment. In this plant, VOSS will manufacture auto parts such as truck and car hoses both for gasoline and diesel, with production expected to grow twice its current size. The Company makes roughly 7 million pieces per year, but an estimated production of over 12 million units is expected when the new plant starts operations. 70% of the output from the Ramos Arizpe plant is shipped out for export, to clients such as Navistar, Packard, Daimler, Kenworth and Volvo, while the remaining merchandise stays in Mexico, with clients like Navistar and Daimler. The plant is expected to start operations in May 2017, increasing its staff from 350 to 600 workers.