Walmart to keep implementing strategies for its e-commerce growth

Walmart to keep implementing strategies for its e-commerce growth

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With 2,400 stores distributed throughout the country, Walmart continues to promote an online strategy that seeks to position the company as the number one retailer in Mexico.

Ignacio Caride, responsible for the e-commerce business of Walmart Mexico and Central America, said that one of the new business models they are testing is offering Internet inside the stores. This will enable the use of intelligent kiosks, from which it’s possible to assemble orders or request products that are not available in the store. Moreover, customers can use Wi-Fi to compare prices.

"There is an extensive population group in Mexico whose only contact with the Internet is a smartphone, so, providing free Wi-Fi in stores that receive 5 million people each day will allow us to serve every client."

In addition, the company’s online system has the ability to learn users' habits. If the customer always buys milk and, when placing an order forgets to add it, the platform will suggest said item. In this sense, strategies are being implemented in order to identify the consumer, both inside the physical store and online.