Washington plans to invest in Guanajuato

Washington plans to invest in Guanajuato

WASHINGTON – Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, met with members of the Chamber of Automotive Industry entrepreneurs in Washington, to present the feasibility of investing in Guanajuato.

"Today we are sharing with businessmen from the automotive industry in Washington the benefits of investing in Guanajuato and how we are moving forward with a vision of development through Mentefactura," said the Governor.

The State Executive presented the economic indicators and the competitive opportunities that Guanajuato offers to the assembled businessmen.

He highlighted the presence of the largest Automotive Cluster in Latin America and that the State's geographic location allows for easy connectivity with all of Mexico and with more than 60 destinations around the world, either directly or by air.

In Mexico's development, he said, today Guanajuato ranks sixth in the national economy with 4.2% of the GDP; it is the first national exporting state, not located on the Mexican border; and in attracting foreign investment it has already surpassed the six-year goal of US$5 billion.

The President added that one of the priorities in terms of investment and development is innovation, where Mentefactura occupies a primordial place to promote Guanajuato's talent towards the industrial future.

After learning about the benefits offered by the Mexican Bajio, the businessmen from the U.S. capital agreed with the Governor to visit Guanajuato with the vision of analyzing and finalizing new investment projects.