We need only one airport: Aeroméxico

We need only one airport: Aeroméxico

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MEXICO Andrés Conesa, CEO of Grupo Aeroméxico, assured that the airline will not operate two or more airports to serve Mexico City, even though the federal government plans to launch Sistema Metropolitano de Aeropuertos, composed by the terminals of Mexico City (AICM), Toluca (AIT) and the Military Base of Santa Lucía.

"Due to our business model, we need only one airport. We will never operate some flights from Airport A and others from Airport B because we need to have all our planes in the same space, "said the manager.

He added that he remains attentive to the information provided by the federal government on the operation of this metropolitan system and that, so far, what they have seen is positive, especially after the announcement of the imminent remodeling of Track 05L and Terminal 2 of the AICM. After the federal government announced an investment of US$ 155 million in the AICM as well, Grupo Aeromexico mentioned that this is something that is "desperately needed".

"They (the federal government) are making a very aggressive investment plan to strengthen the infrastructure of the current airport (...). We are anxious to see how this investment is distributed since it is urgently needed by the Mexico City airport, "he said.

Among the projects scheduled for the AICM, is the construction of new contact positions in Terminal 2 (which is where Aeroméxico operates), which would mean between seven and eight additional doors for Aeroméxico, he concluded.


Source: A21