What is the position of Mexican airlines towards the Metropolitan System?

What is the position of Mexican airlines towards the Metropolitan System?

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MEXICO The directors of four of the most important Mexican airlines in the country, Aeroméxico, Interjet, Volaris and Aeromar entered into a dialogue in which they shared their vision of growth before the entrance of the new Metropolitan System of Airports, as well as the challenges they will have to face.

 What are these?


Danilo Correa, Aeromar:


"We have a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves and innovate in the air transport industry, in order to connect Mexico with the world, without the dependence on a single client," he said.


In order to do so, the work must be joint between the government and the airlines, putting the dialogue as a permanent formula in decision-making.


William Shaw, Interjet:


"We have a very different product from the low cost airlines that exist in Mexico and we have a niche customer market that we prefer," he said, referring to the evolution of the industry as well as the evolution of Interjet airline in the market.


Like Danilo Correa, Mr. Shaw highlighted that it is necessary to work hand in hand with the federal government, using the availability that both have for the development and strengthening of the national airline industry.


Andrés Conesa, Aeroméxico:


"What is being invested (in the new Metropolitan System) does not give you a scenario of more than 10 or 15 years. It can last five, maybe seven years, then Mexico will need more infrastructure, "he said.


In addition, it is necessary for the government to guarantee that the operations in the new system will be completely secure. Meanwhile, it is excellent news to invest in the remodeling of the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM).


Enrique Beltranena, Volaris:


"I cannot operate something that is not economically viable. And if it's not like that, I'm leaving" said Beltranena and as an example he put Toluca Airport, from which Volaris airline withdrew due to the increase in costs in said terminal.


Finally, he added that it is important to promote tourism in certain areas of the country and that, to do so, the airline industry is fundamental. We must work together for the common good, he said.


Source: a21