What’s next for the train that connected the NAIM?

What’s next for the train that connected the NAIM?

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MEXICO After the cancellation of the construction of the New  International Airport of Mexico City (NAIM), it is being analyzed what use can be given to the railway tracks built to take construction material to the land located in Texcoco.

So far no agreement has been reached for Ferrovalle and the Airport Group of Mexico City to recover their investment, according to what was commented by Erich Wetzel, CEO of Ferrovalle.

It is worth remembering that this infrastructure meant an investment of US$71 million, of which 60% was contributed by Ferrovalle, and the remaining 40% was given by the Grupo Aeropuertuario de la Ciudad de Mexico (GACM), as part of a strategic alliance of both parts.

Of this investment, US$63 million were used on the railroad, US$2 million at the collection center, US$5 million at the Nexquipayac junction; and, US$574,000 in complementary activities of the GACM.

One of the suggested options is that through this route, a touristic train could travel to Teotihuacán, since the area that that was going to house the NAIM, could become an ecological park, according to Wetzel.

Likewise, the executive stressed that the material, such as basalt, that was used to build the runways of the Texcoco airport can be used for the construction of the Mayan Train, since this material is also used to build the trains’ beams.

Source: t21