Yanfeng Interiors to supply parts for new program at Ford plant in Cuautitlan

Yanfeng Interiors to supply parts for new program at Ford plant in Cuautitlan

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Yanfeng Automotive Interiors recently announced that it has already signed a contract to supply central consoles for a new vehicle to be built at the Ford plant in Cuautitlan Izcalli, however, the company did not specify if it is the electric vehicle that will be manufactured in said facility.

It is worth noting that the plant located in the State of Mexico is also being considered by the Detroit automaker to manufacture a compact pickup, although these plans are even less defined than those of the electric crossover.

Yanfeng recently announced a US$36 million investment in one of its plants located in Queretaro to provide instrument panels for the new Mercedes-Benz A Class sedan that will be produced in Aguascalientes.

In addition to that program, the company also launched a production line to supply central consoles for the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado at the end of July.

As if that were not enough, in the coming months the company will begin to provide door panels for the 3 Series sedan that BMW will soon start producing at the San Luis Potosi plant that will start operations next year.

“We have plastic injection technology and a combination of very professional labor and automated work to make all these products,” said recently to local media Alejandro Jimenez, manager of the plant located at the O'Donnell Aeropuerto industrial park in the municipality of El Marques, Queretaro.

“This is just one of the first launches,” he said in reference to the program for General Motors. “A lot of investments are being made to accommodate the new projects and deploy all the required technology.”



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