YOFC to operate in Jalisco its first production plant in Mexico

YOFC to operate in Jalisco its first production plant in Mexico

JALISCO - The Chinese company YOFC, a global leader in the supply of fiber optics, optical cable and integrated solutions, began operations in Jalisco with an investment of US$19 million and will generate 203 direct jobs in the state.

Although the telecommunications company already had a presence in Mexico with sales offices, the Jalisco production plant is the first to be installed in the country, informed the head of the Secretariat of Economic Development (Sedeco), Roberto Arechederra.

The production plant installed in Lagos de Moreno, will have an extension of 19,515 square meters for the manufacture of optical fiber, cables, accessories and solutions for the telecommunications industry.

“This company is highly relevant for the high-tech industry and consolidates Jalisco as the epicenter of nearshoring, especially in this sector, Jalisco is unstoppable in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI),” said the head of Sedeco.

YOFC will mainly supply domestic demand and will also supply its market in Latin America and North America.

The investment attraction agenda for Jalisco and the development of talent should be strategic for the next state government, said Xavier Orendain, strategic general coordinator of Growth and Economic Development.

He mentioned that in the remaining six months of the current state administration, the economic cabinet will work on the completion and delivery of projects as well as on the handover-reception process, which, he said, is intended to be “exemplary”.

Orendain de Obeso, who before joining the public administration was president of the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, said that he is approaching the handover process with the philosophy of the business organization.

"It is the handover of a relay; it is up to us to hand over the baton as far as possible, as best as possible, trying to avoid learning curves for whoever the governor-elect chooses to appoint. Hopefully a business profile,” he stressed.