ZF Group invests US$12 million in Querétaro

ZF Group invests US$12 million in Querétaro

QUERETARO - Germany's leading automotive technology company, ZF Group, has announced a significant investment of more than US$12 million to expand its operations in Querétaro.

This investment reflects ZF's continued confidence in the region and marks an important milestone by incorporating the first steer-by-wire line with steering wheel actuators, making Querétaro a global pioneer in this technology.

The unveiling of this investment project took place during the annual Hannover Messe, recognized as the world's most important industrial exhibition. Andreas Temmen, Vice President of Steerling Product Line Operations of ZF Group, presented the details of the project to a delegation led by the Governor of Querétaro.

This initiative, which integrates advanced driving electronics to improve precision and safety, demonstrates ZF's commitment to innovation and technological development in the automotive industry.

The investment will also bring with it the creation of an estimated 100 new jobs, thus strengthening the local workforce and contributing to the sustained growth of the ZF plant in Querétaro. In addition, production with the new technology is expected to begin by the end of the year to meet the demands of the North American market.

The ZF Group stands out as a key player in promoting next-generation mobility. Through its products and technologies, the company not only drives driving efficiency and safety, but also addresses environmental concerns by reducing emissions and promoting sustainability.